Freight brokering is an excellent occupation and there are numerous reasons why you need to consider starting your brokerage now. As the economy of the U.S continues to grow, Freight brokering is an increasingly growing and stable industry; hence, there is a continuous demand for new brokers.

This is why the guide is written to expose you to everything you need to know before taking the step to launching your Freight Brokering.

Everything you have to know before you become a Freight Broker

Before you consider taking a freight brokering course, it’s an excellent idea to go what the role of a broker. Aside from that the pay is good, and freight brokers can earn up to $90,000 per year, freight brokers are indispensable for the transport of goods and cargo. More importantly, freight brokers help to keep the economy of a nation running.

What is the role of a Freight Broker?

Freight brokers play an essential role in the transport of goods, and they serve as the middleman between carriers and shippers. They assist in fast deliveries and negotiate good shipping rates from transportation companies. Also, they help connect these organizations with the businesses that want to transport cargo or goods. This allows carriers to maximize their loads.

Aside from acting as a middleman, brokers have a crucial role in the tracking of freight, since they keep adequate records of deliveries and pickups and other vital information. They also supervise the legal aspect of transportation since they have to be experts in shipping procedures and regulations.

Brokers are the ones who ensure that every step involved in the transportation process is conducted so that the freight would land safely to its final destination. Becoming a freight broker for transportation and trucking means you should be able to take charge of the crucial aspect of the shipping process.

Getting Started as a Freight Broker

Starting your journey as a freight broker does not have to complicated; however, you have to be thoroughly prepared before you can become successuful at Freight Brokering. Familiarizing yourself with what freight brokers do, how to become one and how to start a brokering business are the most important things you need to know before starting getting started.

The trucking business consulting is a very lucrative livelihood; however, there is lots of competition. Many consultants try to get into business yearly but don’t succeed. This is probably what happens to great truckers without a proper business skill. Knowing how to run and develop a trucking business requires more than just knowing how to choose a route or drive a truck.

Hence, the following tips would get you on the right path to run a successful trucking business consultancy.

Choose the right niche

The most vital step to be a great trucking business operator is to choose the right market niche. This is crucial for small business owners. The niche you choose determines which equipment you would buy, what rate you charge, and the freight routes you can service.

Charge the right rate (per mile)

As a trucking business owner, you have to decide the price you would charge your clients to haul a load. Your rate should be good enough to give you a nice profit and pay for all business liabilities.

You need to know what to charge before you start calling shippers and begin selling. Remember, once you call shippers, you have to be competitive with the charges of brokers.

Know your operating costs

It’s essential you know you’re running in detail. Else, it would be difficult to tell whether you are making a profit or not. Know your fixed costs as they will remain unchanged irrespective of the distance you drive. Examples include insurance, truck payments, permits and so on.

Use proper fuel-buying strategy

Fuel is the most significant expense for a trucking business. However, both new and experienced consultants usually purchase their fuel wrongly. They think that going for the lowest pump price give them the cheapest oil.

Work directly with shippers

Load brokers and boards have a role to play in your business. They are handy when your trucks are empty. However, their service can be expensive. Brokers retain about 10 to 20 percent of the load price.

Run an efficient back office

If you want your business to grow and stay profitable, then you need a capable back office. The significance of the back office become vital when you start employing leased drivers to your business. You can operate your business from the cab of your truck. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop, and a printer.

Is the trucking business lucrative?

truck dispatcher training

Once you start a trucking business, your profits and operational costs would only come from the time as well as how many miles spent on the road. Due to the number of expenses associated with managing a trucking company and the future benefits are uncertain, it makes you wonder if trucking is lucrative.

However, it could be. It depends on how you run your business.

Owning and managing a successful trucking business is challenging. According to the National Association of Small Trucking Companies, the industry is so tight that only 15% of startup trucking companies make it through the second year of business. However, the good news is that the rate of small business failures has been gradual decreasing within the last three decades. This could as a result of the availability of several tools out there which can assist you in running a successful trucking business and make profits.

Nonetheless, the below are essential tips you need to follow if you want your trucking business to be lucrative.

Know your biggest expenses

For the first time since studies show that the top operation cost of a trucking business is truck driver wages and not fuel. This is true because the salaries of the truck drives have continuously increased over time. Paying high fees to truck driver is not unreasonable since it reinforces on a vital tip to assist you in getting more loads, provide better service to your clients as well retain your best drivers. Hence, you need to manage these expenses effectively.

Tools for Fuel Costs

Fuel expenses are responsible for about 25 percent of all your operational costs. Aside from the lower costs of fuel per gallon today, one factor that reduced fuel expenses is fuel cards. Fuel cards offer a significant discount on fuel for trucking businesses. Hence, it’s best to take advantage of this tool.

Know how to manage your Cashflow

As the workforce of your business becomes more knowledgeable on how to make money in the trucking industry, several resources are out there to assist you with the cash flow of your organization. Cash flow can grow or destroy a business.

Hence, factoring your freight bills is one convenient way to manage the expected and miscellaneous expenses associated with operating a trucking company. Also, you can take on extra loads and look for more clients once you get paid for a load that was hauled on the same day.

It is no news that the trucking system is the pillar of an economy. According to statistics the trucking transport industry is responsible for the movement of most goods between the U.S and Canada and realized about $67 billion of revenues back in 2005.

Although truck driving is the principal occupation of most Canadian men, it is evident this lucrative occupation is not for everyone since it requires one spends long hours and distance far from home. However, if you are interested in this noble profession, then this guide would expose you to what you need before taking a dispatcher course at a dispatcher school.

What to expect from a Dispatcher school

Dispatchers are trained to be communication specialists and are regarded as the common central or nerve center for trucking companies. These individuals coordinate the movement of all freight and trucks. Hence, a Dispatcher school equips them to:

Match freight with trucks, making sure that the organization’s assets are utilized adequately at all times (i.e., every truck truck must carry a load while embarking on long trips)

  • Assign drivers to truck
  • Map out routes
  • Keep records,
  • Consolidate orders
  • Optimize fuel use
  • Arrange for specialized freight
  • Serve as the link between the trucker and the customer
  • Coordinate inspections
  • Keep track of all truck maintenance schedules
  • Log all communications
  • Facilitate border crossings
  • Ensure that drivers have the necessary certifications

What skills you need before enrolling for a Dispatcher School

If you want to register for truck dispatcher courses, and you don’t know what it takes, the following are the necessary skills you should have:

  • Be friendly to people
  • Have strong decision-making skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Like using computer tools
  • Have no problem seating at a station for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

Generally, you need a high school certificate. Some dispatcher school will also provide advanced dispatcher training, and teach dispatchers how to use trading tools.

What are the tools Dispatcher school use to teach their students

Enrolling for a Dispatcher school means you would be shown how to use a variety of tools including

  • Two-way radio
  • Telephone
  • Computers
  • A global positioning system (GPS) (a satellite system used to keep track of orders and trucks in real time)
  • PC Miler (a mapping software that allows dispatchers to plan routes
  • Load link (an internet tool that enables companies to manage loads)

If you are interested in ensuring that a trucking operation is done effectively, you need to consider enrolling for a dispatcher school. It would make you more credible to potential employers.

Truck dispatcher training programs occurs is several forms. Many schools provide dispatcher training courses that enables beginners and intermediates to learn the fundamentals of dispatching. As a truck dispatcher you can operate your dispatcher business form a home office. You can as well market your services to small trucking organizations and independent owner-operators to help them create a strong customer base. Now, let’s go into details on the fundamental of a truck dispatcher training and what is included in an education program.

What to expect from a Trucking Dispatcher Training Program

A truck dispatching training program is one that trains the potential dispatcher on how to effectively incorporate the following skill sets and competencies into their daily work. These include:

Acquiring and Servicing Customers
An excellent dispatcher training program would help you understand how to take load broad data and use it to acquire long-term customers who provide dedicated lanes. It also teaches you how to deal with customers as well as knowing how to quote rates and achieve profitable metrics like revenue per mile.

Planning Trips and Complex Routing
Planning trips and routing for drivers is another essential skill to learn from a good dispatcher training program. Also, learning how to use Excel and use a spreadsheet program is vital to anyone who wants to go into the industry.

Managing Drivers
Dealing with drivers requires interpersonal skills as well as professional skills. You should be able to hand the correct shipping documents to drivers before dispatching them. These documents should be free of error. Driver must be adequately monitored to make sure they deliver the customer goods on time without any casualty. In emergency conditions, the dispatcher should know how to address the situation.

Accessing and Interpreting Freight Data
If a dispatcher is assigned an LTL shipment, he should know how to unite shipments to give optimum utilization. Hence, he needs to understand basic mathematical functions like area, volume, perimeter, and weight metric conversions. Hence, before enrolling for a truck dispatch training program, it is advisable you have a high school diploma.

What you need to Succeed in Truck Dispatcher Training?
You may be scared to enroll for a freight dispatcher training if you have issues with Math, English, or using a computer. Nonetheless, the good news is you only need a basic knowledge of these subjects to become a successful dispatcher. The rest is totally dependent on your work ethic, and the mentor selected to train you.

trucking business consulting

Let’s go on a very short walk. You are a Truck Driver, you are great at your job, you earn some dollars at the end of the month, that was good until a yearning blossomed in your heart. A yearning for something higher, something better and more fulfilling. You desire to step-up your career, to grow. That yearning is absolutely awesome. It is the seed that breeds immense success. Don’t push it aside, feed it, nurture it.

Let me intimate you on how to bring this yearning into fruition. Take control of your career and build YOUR OWN Trucking Dispatcher Business. Yes! If you can work for someone’s freight dispatch business, why can’t you just own yours and be your own boss? It doesn’t take so much, you only need your experience and a truck dispatcher training.

It is important to mention that not just any truck dispatcher training is good enough to take you to that next career level you desire. This is why I am recommending the very best – American Logistics Academy Training, a sure path to building a Trucking Dispatcher Business that is successful and commands respect.


The American Logistics Academy Training is a 30 days truck dispatcher training that teaches you and helps you build the skills necessary to succeed as you step-up your career.

In addition, you will receive 24/7 all year support and help (from an expert and professional dispatch business owners) as you build your business. You will also undergo online internship during the truck dispatcher training period, this will give you a picture of the realities of running a Trucking Dispatcher Business.
During the course you will learn these and a lot more:

  • Business management strategies – to help you successfully manage and run your business.
  • Modern marketing strategies – including online and social media marketing strategies to boost your business.
  • How to close deals.
  • How to draw up legal contracts.
  • How to save cost by avoiding penalties.
  • Business and DOT rules – an expert EX-DOT Officer will disclose these rules, to help you stay clear of any violations.
  • Website development – no business can run without a website. You will learn to create your own website from scratch in just one day. This particular skill will come in handy for your friends and family members, you may decide to generate some income from developing websites for others.

Additional benefits:

Once you register for this course, you get to enjoy

  • Lifetime access to the course materials. These materials are constantly updated to meet current realities. Access to this will keep you on top of your game in changing times.
  • Easy access to experts.
  • Links and phone numbers of sources of business deals within your location.
  • Access to the course materials from anywhere in the world.

You are more than capable of owning your own Trucking Dispatcher Business, so don’t delay, register for the American Logistics Academy Training and get started.

Are you a Truck Driver thinking of investing in a business? Today is your lucky day.

What business do you feel most qualified for? Considering you spend most of your time behind the wheel, as an employee of a dispatch company, I would say you are most qualified to run your own Trucking Dispatcher Business or Trucking Business Consulting.

The Trucking Dispatcher Business or Trucking Business Consulting is a lucrative business that will drastically increase your income and give you more time for your family and the things you love to do. You may never have considered it, but it is a worthwhile investment. Given your qualification and wealth of experience, you are ready to thrive in this business only if you do one more thing.

No matter how much employees know about a job, it is always different running it. This is why you would need to undergo a truck dispatcher training to prepare you adequately for your role as the owner of a Trucking Dispatcher Business or Trucking Business Consulting. The particular truck dispatcher training you need it the AMERICAN LOGISTICS ACADEMY TRAINING.

The American Logistics Academy Training

This is a one-off training that equips you with skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. It is an assured prerequisite to success in the Trucking Dispatcher Business or Trucking Business Consulting. It is a 30 days online course that you can access from anywhere in the world. With this course, you are not restricted to any particular schedule, you learn on your own schedule and at your own pace.

What you will learn

The package comes with a lot of materials – videos, audios, live feeds, etc, including various topics and skills. Some of the things you will learn include:

  • Business management – a topic that teaches you how to run your business.
  • Marketing – this will help you learn modern ways to attract more customer, increase income and stay ahead of the competition.
  • How freight dispatch business owners close deals with brokers, drivers and potential customers.
  • How to identify business opportunities and deals.
  • How a Trucking Dispatcher Business and Trucking Business Consulting works in real life.
  • Website development – building your own business website will save you hundreds of dollars. You will learn to build it yourself from scratch.
  • Business safety and DOT rules – you will learn from an EX-DOT Officer what the rules are and how to stay clear of any form of violations.

You will get a certified Freight Dispatcher Certificate at the end of the course (optional) and if unsatisfied, you have a guarantee of 100% money-back. Plus, you will get 24/7 support and help from experts during the course of the training and beyond. You will also enjoy a lifetime access to the course materials (which are continuously updated to suit changing times).

Now you have an investment that suits you. Enrol for the American Logistics Academy Training and start enjoying returns on your investment.

How many years have you worked for someone else and helped them grow their business? Don’t you think it is time to achieve your dreams and experience financial freedom? I think it’s, and the best way to start is with this truck dispatcher training by American Logistics Academy.

They have trained countless individuals who now have their own successful trucking dispatcher business. This training certifies you as a truck dispatcher and will usher you into an exciting career that will keep you close to your family. Assuredly, fate led you to this page and you are close to your freedom of being an independent truck dispatcher.

If you believe that you have to put more effort to earn more, then you have to change that belief. Because this training will help you set up your own trucking business consulting firm and trucking dispatcher business which you only have to put in less effort and earn more.

As a truck driver, how much do you earn? Is it even enough to take care of the family and save for the future? All that can be a story of the past when you enrol for this training. This is a chance to multiply your current monthly earning and save thousands of dollars from the first years of starting your trucking dispatcher business.

Take advantage of this course and work for yourself from your home or office anytime you want. As the owner of your business, you get to set your own schedule and won’t take orders from anyone ever again. Launch your truck dispatcher career with this training and gain the respect you deserve. With a one time payment of $275 for this training, you get 100% uninterrupted access to the training materials, videos and certificate.

This training is a fool-proof truck dispatcher business model where you learn from live feeds if professional dispatchers and direct instructions. Also, the videos will make you feel like there is someone holding you by the hand and showing you the way. In this training you will learn:

  • Psychology of the trucking industry
  • Secrets of closing high-income deals
  • How to outsmart competitors and work efficiently
  • Live advice from professional dispatchers
  • Marketing strategy to ensure you are always at the top of your game
  • Freight and truck dispatchers managers lessons manual so you don’t repeat their mistakes
  • Business management skills to run your business
  • Website development to create a website and online presence for your business
  • Social media advertising and campaigns
  • Contract samples with drivers, brokers and employees and much more.

As a bonus from the American logistics Academy, you will get free access to new material added after you pay for this training. Register for this training today and your own trucking dispatcher business in 30 days. This training has a high success rate, proven by previous students who have set up their own trucking business consulting firms. This training is fool-proof with a 100% money back if you’re not satisfied after 30 days

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